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Tuesday, 28. October 2003
...celebrity central...

...is where i'm at...or summat...

...a v.enjoyable weekend last week when the bruv came up for a visit, or more he came to crash on my floor so he could stumble the 200 metres around the corner to watch the lucksmiths play (where he chatted up the band and blagged a free t-shirt off 'em!) and then dumped me the next day so he could head off to edinburgh to watch the, actually quite good, lucksmiths play again and chat to his new best friend marty...

...and all this after i'd taken him to my local safeway to go shopping with robbie carlyle...some people are never satisfied...

...this weekend i headed to edinburger myself, with the g-man, to check out the monet exhibition and have a little wander about. the old town, castle etc was pretty nice and definately worth another visit...

...then in the evening we headed to g's mate's, rosemary and colin's party. a going away do for a couple of their friends. and later i was told that one nice fellow there, named joe, was actually the lead guitarist of pitshifter (when they were on the go of course)...

...and now i'm back at work, my last week, so had better get off my butt to find another job really, but currently feeling pretty sorry for myself with a sore throat and v.cold despite having my coat on...

...i just wanna go home and curl up on the settee with my duvet...

...the last series of buffy starts tonight on BBC2 - yey, something to keep going for!

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Thursday, 25. September 2003
...it's grim up north...

...is a very untrue statement...

...the weather has been delightful, mostly, since i've been up in glasgow, although it has turned a bit cold this week, the sun is still shining :o)

...i've found somewhere to live, finally, it's only taken me 2 months. i can't believe g isn't fed up with me crashing at his flat, eating all his food, etc! anyway, sarah and i are moving in the first week in october. a bit of a pricey place, but is within 30 seconds walk of 24 hour shop (with a beer license!), an underground station, 2 decent pubs, a subway sandwich shop, pizza hut, pizza express, at least 2 other take-away shops, several other very good restaurants and g's place ;o) and not far from many, many, many other great bars and eateries...

...as for work, still at the abbey national, or the abbey as it is now known, with some shocking pink and lime green colour schemes, which are plastered all over the intranet blinding me all day! not heard from any of the jobs i applied which is pretty pants, what's their problem - i'm great :o(

...g started back at uni today, he's doing a part time MSc in some kind of computing thing, to do with databases, techy stuff and the like - i don't know anything about that sort of stuff :os
although i spoke to him earlier and he was pretty hacked off as the first lecture was cancelled and he's on night shift this week and went straight from work - ooh dear...

...s'pose i should get back to work, oh look at that it's lunch time - ha ha...

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Wednesday, 19. March 2003

...since i've not seen anyone in a while, be prepared for a change. i've got a huge smile on my face (and i hope it doesn't disappear too soon)...

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